Apr 29

The farthest Voyager in space

The farthest voyager in space

When on a Saturday evening you are looking on Arte.fr for what could well allow you to end the evening quietly in front of the TV, without too much mind-blowing reportage or reality TV, and that you fall for the purest of chances on this nugget, when you have only one desire: to share it!

Even if the space conquest overtakes you and makes you smile a little, don’t forget some scientists have successfully completed the most incredible mission; send a metal racing car to the bottom of the universe. Where man surely will never go.

But above all, a racing car which told us what it saw, and which offered eyes to admire what we will never see and which continues, 42 years after its launch, to arouse admiration without flaw on the part of all who see far.

So I strongly advise you to take a few snacks, to sit quietly on your sofa or in front of your TV, and to dream.

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