May 5

The Rosetta Odyssey – 900 Days On A Comet

140919 - Comète 67P/Tchourioumov-Guérassimenko

A chip jump on a pin head offered us the opportunity to discover back an essential ESA space mission: Rosetta. The mission started with its launch on 2001 with Ariane 5, and consisted of an orbiter probe “Rosetta” and a lander “Philae” whose study of the comet 67P / Tchourioumov-Guérassimenko in the approach phase […]

Apr 30

Soyouz, Space Autobus

Soyouz Space Craft

Today, we will talk about three extraordinary videos from the l’EAS (European Space Agency) which explain the three phases of the mission of the Soyouz launcher: Orbitting Docking at the ISS (Internationale Space Station) Returing to earth The three videos are fortunately English, and simple to understand. And above all very well documented. So make yourself […]

Apr 29

Understand the flames of a Rocket

Navette spatiale

What would space conquest be without a rocket? Not much. This is why, whether we have an ecological spirit or not, we are going to focus on the launchers reactors, and specially on the flames which go out and teach us a lot about the techniques used. The Youtube channel “Techniques Spatiales” offers us two […]

Apr 29

The farthest Voyager in space

The farthest voyager in space

When on a Saturday evening you are looking on for what could well allow you to end the evening quietly in front of the TV, without too much mind-blowing reportage or reality TV, and that you fall for the purest of chances on this nugget, when you have only one desire: to share it! […]